09:00 - 12:00 GMT +7:00


Session 1 - Addressing Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and Harassment in the Garment Sector (public session, with recording)

10.10 - 10.30    Panel discussion: How can Business Tackle GBV in the Workplace? – moderated by Hermes


10.30 - 10.45    Q&A – moderated by Hermes, Insight Pact to manage Q+A with support from BW/CARE


10.45 - 11.05    Experience from the Field: How VF Corp is Addressing GBVH in Its Supply Chain  – Maria Lassen, 


Speaking notes: info on new worker rights strategy, GBVH goals and what this means for compliance and purchasing decisions etc; aim to bring the issue alive for the other brands and the factories that this is an issue that others are taking seriously.


11.05 - 11.25    Q&A – moderated by Hermes, Insight Pact to manage Q+A with support from BW/CARE

11.25 - 11.30    Closing Remarks - Nguyen Hong Ha, Head of Better Work Asia

Session 2 – Operationalizing the SOPs (invitation only session for 30-40 participants, no recording)

2.00 - 2.15    Welcome and Session Overview 


Introduction – Hermes Huang, moderator from Insight Pact

  • Use of interactive audience questions to encourage participation

  • Responsible for moderating entire session 


9.35 - 9.40    Welcoming Remarks – Deepmala Mahla or Hitesh Dharod, CARE Regional Director for Asia 


Speaking notes: include content on the shadow pandemic rise of GBV in light of COVID-19, why this issue is more important than ever 


9.40 - 9.50    Guest Speaker on GBV – Either Scott Dietz, Anna Tuvera

9:50 - 10.10    Setting the Stage: Tools to Address GBVH in the Workplace (5 min each)


  • Overview of the SOPs (Jenny Hickey, Better Factories Cambodia)

Speaking notes: Jenny to potentially include info on E@W to pre-empt any audience questions; use talking points from the Industry Summit as background


  • Overview of the STOP Project and Reflection Report (Ei Shwe Yi Win, CARE Myanmar)

​Speaking notes: Present STOP project, evaluation and reflection findings; include general reference to ILO’s Convention No. 190 (C190), Vietnam labour code, Cambodia NAVPAW)

  • GAP/Adidas/Industry Summit Rep

  • Crystal or other Manufacturing rep

Speaking notes: session with a very practical focus on how utilize the tools and what support is needed to do so; avoid getting into discussions of whether SH exists and instead focus on how it is necessary to address this issue in the industry

2.15 – 3.00    Small group breakout sessions 

  • Split into two breakout sessions with guided questions: (1) one group for brands to think on how to progress changes to internal policies/systems with SOPs and what support could be given to suppliers (2) one group of suppliers to talk about SOPs to change culture/systems in workplaces and expectations of brands

  • CARE/BW to moderate and note-take groups


3.00 – 3.45    Plenary and Reportback (BW, CARE or GBV Working Group)

  • Format tbd with BW to determine how to best be propositional on way forward including: highlighting both BW + CARE’s available support, how the SOPs can be used on their own, how brands and suppliers need to work together 


3.45 – 4.00    Closing and Next Steps (BW, CARE or GBV Working Group)

  • Note that follow-up email and report will be sent to all participants soon, encourage their commitment to this important issue, etc.